Michael J. Lauria

Real Estate

Real Estate Investor

Based in Boston, Massachusetts, Michael J. Lauria is an experienced Real Estate Agent and telecommunications professional, as well as the Owner and Operator of COMTEL, Inc.

Michael Lauria was first introduced to real estate during his time as an apprentice at a telecommunications company. Needing to work odd jobs to supplement his income, older colleagues and electricians urged him to get involved in the real estate industry. Intrigued by their suggestion, he purchased an educational program from a real estate TV infomercial and was able to learn what he needed to get started. 

Less than a year later, Michael J. Lauria purchased his first property—a condominium within the Back Bay of Boston. His first tenant was the previous owner who didn’t have a place to live after selling the building. He immediately began making money from the property but also purchased a small equity loan to make renovations as needed. The investment allowed him to pay off bills and earn a passive income. In 1999, with the money his investment produced, he founded COMTEL, Inc. 

While he could have focused solely on the telecommunications company, Michael J. Lauria had garnered a passion for real estate. Though he is no longer involved in real estate investing, he followed his heart and remained involved in the industry, working as a Residential Sales Agent in his free time. 

He obtained his real estate license in 2019 and has since been helping people find their dream homes in his free time. Additionally, Michael loves to renovate and flip properties, breathing new life into old or neglected homes. He recently began working with a small brokerage firm that will allow him to serve his clients better and negotiate stronger deals. 

Michael J. Lauria has always been driven by a challenge and a sincere effort to deliver superior service. Thriving under pressure has undoubtedly lent a hand in his success within both the real estate and telecommunications industries. After all, in both areas, clients have a specific goal in mind and a short timeline to work with. Michael loves to surprise people with his ability to meet their needs efficiently and effectively, all while providing reliable and dependable service. 

If you’d like to learn more about Michael, including his experience with real estate sales and investing, how to make a passive income in the industry, or how to get involved in real estate as a second career, be sure to check out his blog!